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    • Promotes healthy sound sleep without addictive or harmful side effects.
    • Grandma's Herbs SLEEP formula was designed to help turn off the mind to reach that deeper sleep, without feeling groggy the next morning.
    • Uses herbs that have a traditional history of addressing restless nights.
    • Effective all natural formula, non habit forming.
    • St. John's Wort, the main ingredient in Grandma's NaturALL-Calm. Traditionally it has been used for treating anxiety and tension for over 2,000 years.
    • Promotes a healthy attitude and outlook.
    • NATURALL CALM contains St John's Wort, Valerian Root and Passion Flower. These herbs are traditionally used to promote peace of mind.
    • NaturAll Calm works well with Grandma’s Herbs Nervine formula or B All Calm formula.
    • We have testimonial after testimonial from our grateful customers! 
    • Promotes healthy nervous system function.
    • Feeds the nervous system with nutrients from the herbs.
    • Formula contains herbs that traditionally calm, strengthen, nourish the nervous system.
    • Calcium that comes from green leafy herbs are absorbed by our body easier.
    • HERBAL CALCIUM delivers the calcium that you need to run, jump and even sleep better.
    • Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body. Calcium from plants comes in a form that the body can use immediately.
    • Chamomile (flower), Hops (flower), Lemon Balm (leaf), Passion Flower (herb), Valerian (root), Motherwort (herb), Lavender (flower), Skullcap (herb), Kava Kava (root), St Johns Wort (herb), Jujube (fruit), Spearmint (leaf), Blue Vervain (herb), Bladder Pod (herb)
    • St Johns Wort (herb), Valerian (root), Skullcap (herb), Cedar Berries, Black Root (herb), Blue Vervain (herb), Mistletoe (herb), Passion Flower (herb), Wild Yam (root), Peppermint (leaf), Chamomile (herb), Hops Flower (herb), Bladder Pod (herb), Wood Betony (herb), Feverfew (herb), Blue Cohosh (root), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Cayenne (fruit 40 HU)
    • Skullcap (herb), St John's Wort (herb), Blue Vervain (herb), Valerian (root), Hops (flower), Spearmint (leaf), Wood Betony ( herb), Mistletoe (herrb), Lady's Slipper (herb), Bladder Pod (herb), Cayenne Pepper
    • Red Raspberry (leaf & pulp), Horsetail Grass (herb), Alfalfa (leaf), Oat Straw (herb), Nettle (herb), Barley Green (herb), Aloe Vera (herb), Kelp (herb), Bladder Pod (herb), Parsley (herb)


    • 2 or 3 Capsules one hour before bedtime. May take more if needed. Childs dosage 1/2 of recommended adult.
    • 2 Capsules 1, 2, or 3 times a day as needed.
    • Take 2 capsules 2 or 3 times a day. You may take more if needed.
    • 2 or 3 Capsules twice a day.