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Product Description What are Digestive Enzymes Digestive enzymes help the body break down food for energy. Without enzymes we would not be able to obtain the nutrients from the foods we eat. Natural health professionals believe that good health begins with good digestion. We are what we eat, what we assimilate and what we do not eliminate. For optimal health, you have to have optimal digestion. Digestive enzymes play a key role in the assimilation and the absorption of nutrients into the body after digestion. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down all types of food into nutrients that the body can use for energy. If the body doesn’t use the energy, the body stores the energy where enzymes, other than digestive enzymes, can use it for other metabolic functions. Unfortunately, our modern diets consist of foods that have been over-processed and / or over-cooked which destroys the enzymes. So it is necessary to take enzymes especially if you have the following signs of enzyme deficiency. Also, if your body lacks digestive enzymes, toxins may sneak in through your digestive system causing harm to your body. Possible Signs of Enzyme Deficiency Allergies * Bloating * Constipation * Excessive Aging * Fatigue Gas * Headaches * Heartburn * Indigestion * Low Energy Upset Stomach * Slow Recovery from Illness * Weight Problems What is SOQI-Zyme SOQI – Zyme is a dietary supplement containing powerful digestive enzymes. It is soothing to the stomach and supports the body’s enzyme balance for optimal digestive health. SOQI- Zyme contains 10 plant based enzymes which helps support the digestive system by breaking down foods and improving energy. SOQI-Zyme many also benefit intestinal function by helping to remove toxins and release unwanted substances. SOQI – Zymes are manufactured using a low heat process which allows the enzymes to remain intact without destroying them. They were designed utilizing clinical feedback by experts with over 50 years combined experience. SOQI Zyme Supplement Facts SOQI Zyme Ingredients Protease helps break down proteins Amylase helps break down carbohydrates so they can be used for energy Lipase I and Lipase II helps breaks down dietary fats Hemicellulase helps break down fiber-rich components Lactase helps breaks down lactose Pancreatin 8x (combination of protease, amylase and lipase) that is vital for people’s metabolism and digestion Papain (derived from unripe papaya) and Bromelain (derived from stems of pineapples) are both protease enzymes that help treat common stomach ailments, including bloating, constipation, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome. Ox Bile Extract helps the digestion of fats Glutamic Acid used as a digestive aid. Papaya Leaf is soothing to the stomach and helps activates the enzymes. Guava may support a healthy response of diarrhea, constipation, and weight loss. Fennel Seed high in fiber that is known to aid digestion and cramping and support the colon. Pineapple may help to ease indigestion because it is filled with proteolytic enzyme that breaks down protein thereby promoting digestion. SOQI Zymes are certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), meeting the standards of Organic and Natural products. Also Kosher Food Certification which prohibits the use of pork and other ingredients to meet the Jewish Dietary Laws. Made in the USA! Digestive Health Questionnaire Below is a questionnaire designed to help you determine how healthy your digestive system is. It is interesting to find out if your actual age matches your intestinal age. If your intestinal age is older than expected it may be time for you to consider some healthier dietary and lifestyle changes. If your intestinal age is younger than your actual age or your intestinal age matches your actual age, you might want to consider maintaining your digestive health with SOQI Zyme Enzymes. Eating Habits Often do not eat breakfast Breakfast is usually short and quick Eat meals at irregular times Like to eat meat Like to drink milk and eat dairy products Eat out more than 4 days a week Like to drink soft drinks Often eat late at night Drink alcoholic beverages Living Conditions Often Smoke Facial skin tone is dull and you appear older than you are Rough skin, acne, or other skin conditions Lack of exercise Feel panic or rushed in the morning Often have difficulty falling asleep at night Lack of sleep due to staying up late Often feel tired after waking up Bowel Habits Often “strain” when having a bowel movement Don’t feel completely empty even after a bowel movement Difficult to have a bowel movement (constipation) Stool is hard and resembles pebbles Stool is very soft or experience diarrhea Stool is dark color Stool and gas have an awful smell Irregular bowel movements Stool sinks to the bottom of toilet Look at the chart above and check off in your mind how many of these descriptions apply to you. If you select 0 Your intestinal age is younger than you actual age 1 – 4 Your intestinal age is equal to your actual age + 5 years 5-10 Your intestinal age is equal to your actual age + 10 years 11 – 14 Your intestinal age is equal to your actual age + 20 years 16 + symptoms – Your intestinal age is equal to your actual age + 30 years. Read More