Slim Too (Caffeine Free) 100 capsules

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Slim Too (Caffeine Free) 100 capsules
  • Curbs appetite naturally.
  • Boosts metabolism without the use of caffeine
  • Uses ingredients that aid in the digestion process so that the healthy food consumed feeds the body and dispels the desire to snack in between meals.
  • Contains Garcinia Cambogia traditionally the best natural appetite suppressor.
  • Garcinia (fruit), Bladderwrack (herb), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Schizandra (fruit), Watercress (herb), Vinegar Crystals, Fennel (seed & herb), Horsetail (herb), Chickweed (herb), Chia (seed), Dandelion (root), Guggul (herb), Senna (pods), Psyllium (seed), Grapefruit Concentrate, Celery (seed), Cayenne (fruit) 40HU)


  • Start with 2 capsules with each meal, up to 3 times a day. You may adjust to more if needed. We suggest that you use in conjunction with SUPER LAX to help get a sluggish system moving.