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Shark Liver Oil exhibits a remarkable ability to protect and nurture the human immune system. It bolsters circulation, oxygenates the system, helps excrete mercury, boosts energy and provides nutritional support in the healing of tissues and wounds. Its natural ingredients have been found to contain mild bacteriostatic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 120 Softgel Capsules 500mg. 120 1 bottle $22.00 4 bottles ($21.00 each) $84.00 12 bottles ($19.00 each) $228.00 240 Softgel Capsules 500mg. 240 1 bottle $43.00 4 bottles ($41.00 each) $164.00 12 bottles ($37.00 each) $444.00 Properties of Shark Liver Oil This fabulous product contains many extremely beneficial compounds such as squalamine, squalene, alkyglycerols, essential fatty acids and omega-3 oils. It is believed that the combination of these exotic compounds are even more effective than when taken alone. Shark Liver Oil vs. Shark Cartilage Don’t confuse Shark Liver oil with Shark Cartilage which does not contain all the exotic ingredients of Shark Liver Oil nor does it contain the high concentrations of alkerglycerols or squalamine. Shark Cartilage is not effective in passing through the digestive system as contrasted to Shark Liver Oil which doesn’t break down during digestion and effectively enters the bloodstream. Studies have demonstrated the vast superiority of Shark Liver Oil over Shark Cartilage Shark Squalamine Angiogenesis is a function in the body where unhealthy cells develop their own blood vessel structure in order to nourish and support themselves. The immune system uses certain compounds in the body to naturally counter angiogenesis. This normal body function is called anti-angiogenesis. If the immune system is successful in carrying out this designed function, unhealthy cells can not survive. However, If the body is deficient in these vital compounds, anti-angiogenesis can not occur. Therefore, it is important to supplement the body with anti-angiogenesis factors. Squalamine is an aminosterol compound which the body readily uses to carry out its normal anti-angiogenesis function. Squalamine has an extremely high bio- availability of these active compounds and as a result is very important to be ingested as a supplement in the human diet. Squalamine also contains many other factors which support the immune system. Alkyglycerols Alkyglycerols are natural substances found in bone marrow and in mother’s milk. This natural substance has the ability to enhance the immune system by helping produce higher quantities of red and white blood cells and macrophages which are first line fighters against foreign matter or organisms in our body. The alkyglycerol found in mother’s breast milk is a major factor in providing immune support to the infant. It provides infants with natural protection and immunity against infection as well as helping the continued development of their immune system. Science has proven that breast fed babies are more resistant to infection throughout their lives because of the more abundant ingestion of AKGs in their early life. Deficiency of AKG’s can lead to an immuno-compromised situation and lead to serious health problems. Adults need 100 times more AKGs than infants. Shark Liver Oil contains the highest levels of AKG’s found in nature. There are 10 times more AKG’s in human mother’s milk than in cow’s milk. There are 1,000 times more AKG’s in Shark Liver Oil than in cow’s milk. AKGs have a unique antioxidant effect whereby it has the ability to enter the cell to attack, prevent and reduce those free radicals which have penetrated cell membranes and tissues. Free radicals within the cell itself are the most dangerous. These free radicals can damage the DNA and cause healthy cells to mutate leading to grave health problems. AKGs also inhibit an essential protein which may be directly involved in abnormal cell growth. Squalene Squalene is a compound that captures hydrogen atoms from any source available to it. Elementary chemistry teaches that water is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Therefore, water is the perfect medium for this oxygen producing chemical reaction. The body is comprised of over 70% water. It exists in body fluids, the blood, and all cells. Even our food which we consume contains a great deal of H2O. When the hydrogen atoms are pulled out of the water in our food or in our bodies, it releases an abundance of oxygen into the system. Therefore, Squalene may be the greatest oxygen enhancer existing in nature. Proper body function greatly depends on adequate oxygen supply. French scientists advocate the theory that ‘pain’ is a signal to the brain that the body part which is aching lacks adequate oxygen. Adequate oxygen enriches normal healthy cells and plays a major role in the destruction of unhealthy anaerobic cells. Squalene improves the health of skin EPA and DHA influenced prostaglandin balance. Squalene has also been found to be a natural inhibitor of an enzyme which helps activate the ras oncogene which has been linked as the culprit in severe health problems. Omega-3 oils Omega-3 oils are a form of unsaturated oil and include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosaeicosapentaenoic acid (DHA) that are found in many cold water fish. Shark Liver Oil contains a generous amount of omega-3 oils. Several clinical studies have shown that adding omega-3 oils to diets helps to maintain normal cholesterol and triglycerides levels in some people. Studies at Harvard also indicated that omega-3 oils are natural protectors in the body against attack by its own immune system. Our Shark Liver Oil comes from deep water sharks which live in unpolluted waters and have the highest levels of AKG and Squalene content. It is minimally processed. Dosage Take four 500 mg. capsules daily between meals (1/2 hour before or 2 hours after meals) preferably at the same time you take Megazyme Forte. Dietary Supplement Use Only! This product is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.