Pain Relief Gel.Cc, 4 OZ Jar

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Effective relief for aching joints, back pain, sore muscles

Suffering from aching joints, back pain, sore muscles?

We invite you to try this new and exciting, all-natural pain relief gel, and see for yourself, the quick and amazing results.

The gel is designed for people who have tried everything and have failed to conquer pain. 50 million people fit into the chronic pain category.

Discover the Pain Relief Gel that has been utilized by:

  • The Miami Dolphins Athletic Trainers
  • The South Florida Olympic Soccer Operating Committee
  • Roger Clemens, Former Major League Pitcher
  • Ricky Jackson, Former NFL Linebacker
  • Bart Vale, Former World Champion Shoot Fighter
  • Mary Pierce, Former Women’s Top Ranked Tennis Player
  • Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals and VeterinariansThousands of Ordinary Individuals Who Suffer from Many Different Forms of Pain
 I have found the gel to be very effective in relieving pain in both acute and chronic sports injuries, arthritis, muscle and bone pains, as well as neurological conditions… I have been able to replace oral medications… one case, a man was scheduled for knee surgery due to arthritis. He received such relief that the operation was canceled… It is the most requested sample in my supply cabinet for treatment of pain… It is effective in relief of post hepatic neuralgia, an extremely painful condition that usually requires a narcotic analgesic…

John Jackson, M.D., P.A., Hialeah, Florida.. Your CM Systems 2 Gel was well-received by the athletes, athletic trainers and massage therapists. It helped make medical services a success… Our Olympic soccer athletes were going for the gold. They were training for months for this opportunity, getting a little sore along the way and the gel helped take the edge off the pain so that they could compete at the highest level…

Adam C. Davis, M.S., A.T.C., Associated Athletic Trainer, Director of Rehabilitation.. My mom and I love your Pain Relief Gel…

Ricky Jackson, NFL Linebacker.. In 1992, Roger Clemens’ team doctor, Dr. Pappas tells him his arm is thrown out. A former teammate suggests CM Systems 2 Pain Relief Gel. Roger rubs it on and within minutes there is total relief. The next day, Roger’s arm is fine and he pitches for the Boston Red Sox.. Bart Vale, world Champion shoot fighter, was scheduled for a match in Japan, but unfortunately, he pulled a back muscle. Shoot fighting is an offshoot of karate, but extremely dangerous. A friend suggests the Pain Relief Gel. The next morning, he was on a plane bound for Japan. He retained his championship. Afterwards he applied the gel before and after training. He diminished his injuries and his students injuries by over half, using the gel as a preventative.. As the 6th ranking women’s tennis player in the world, Mary Pierce pulled a groin muscle just days away from the French Open. The trainer, Nick Bollettieri, suggests that Mary try the pain relief gel. She applies it methodically and the gel does its job. The pulled muscle snaps back into shape, and Mary catches a flight to France.. The Use of the Pain Relief Gel As Prescribed by Dr. Ed Enos, Montreal, Has A Pronounced Positive Effect on the Recovery from Injury of Racetrack Horses. First progress report-July 21st, 1998 from Dr. Claude Thibault, Chief of Veterinary Medicine, Blue Bonnet Raceway, Montreal, Canada. Subjects: Three injured race track standard bred trotting horses, two with suspensory ligament injuries and one with an injured ankle. Protocol: The gel was applied after the horses morning energize and before grooming. The injured area was wrapped with a cotton sheet and then bandaged. Subsequently, they removed and replaced the gel every morning after exercise and before grooming the horse. Initial Results: After a week of treatment, the attending veterinarian witnesses tremendous results. He concluded with Dr. Enos that this is the most effective product on the market to treat such injuries.. I had the opportunity to use the CM Systems 2 Gel with some of my chronic pain patients, such as Posy-Herpetic Neuralgia, Multiple Joint Pain with a very good response…

Osmin A. Morales, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.. I began applying the topical Pain Relief Gel on a daily basis and, in fact, found surprising periods of temporary relief. I recommend this product over others which I have seen on the market for temporary relief of musculoskeletal pains…