OPC (Oligomeric Proanthrocyanidan)

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an extremely potent free radical scavenger.
OPC is a miraculous antioxidant product, having a powerful free radical scavenger effect, most other super antioxidants which are on the market today. In fact, it is 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more effective than vitamin E.

Effects of Free Radicals on the System

Dr. Robert Youngblood, M.D., board of certified plastic surgeon states: “Because of free radicals I have a thriving practice in plastic surgery. Not only do free radicals speed up the aging process internally, they also cause the aging process to accelerate externally.” Free radicals are highly reactive oxygen molecules, formed as by-products of normal metabolic reactions. They act on the cells and tissues of the body to produce significant damage in a process known as oxidation. Oxygen is a good thing, but if you want to see firsthand the damage it can cause, slice open an apple and let its sit for half an hour. The brown coloring is a sign of oxidation. And as proof of the effectiveness of an antioxidant vitamin, notice how rubbing the exposed flesh of the apple with a vitamin C rich dose of a fresh lemon prevents this browning. Free radicals are produced in the body by fat metabolism, sunlight, radiation, air pollution, harmful chemicals, food additives, tobacco smoke, infection, over-exercise, stress and numerous other factors. Free radicals cause tremendous irritation and damage to virtually every kind of tissue throughout our bodies. They damage cell membranes, and alter DNA which changes the way cells replicate. Cellular changes that result from regular bombardment by free radicals can lead to various degenerative conditions.

Antioxidant Power to the Rescue

Antioxidants are substances which neutralize unstable radical oxygen molecules that attack the body’s cells. When these free radical molecules go unchecked they degrade the tissue strengthening collagen within the body joints, skin and organs... even worse, free radicals re-program DNA and are implicated a more than 60 diseases that plague mankind. Free radical damage can result in inflammation of the muscles, joints and other tissues, cause improper functioning of the circulatory system, nervous system (including brain cells) and immune system debility. According to Dr. Denham Harman, MD, PhD., the average life expectancy of many species can be increased by more than 20 percent by adding antioxidants to the diet.

There are many health benefits from taking powerful antioxidants such as OPC:

  • It enhances cell vitality and gives the body a better chance to fight and to naturally heal itself.
  • OPCs help fight free radicals, dramatically reducing tissue inflammation, swelling as well as binding with and protecting the vital protein collagen. OPC is known throughout Europe as the youth nutrient because of its ability to revitalize collagen. Collagen, one of the body’s most widespread proteins, is the primary component of the joints and skin. Interlacing collagen fibers give your skin and joints their strength and youthful elasticity. OPCs bind to collagen and helps collagen fibers re-build their cross-links.
  • In tests, the compound helped build resistance and boosted the immune systems by as much as 50 percent. Specifically, it increased concentration of natural killer cells, the body’s first line of defense.
  • An English researcher found that the antioxidant makeup of OPCs inhibit the formation of one of the major carcinogens of cigarette smoke.
  • Overall joint function and circulation is improved. It strengthens capillaries, veins and blood vessel walls, including those that supply the heart.
  • OPCs prevent the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol) in the blood. By preventing its oxidation, OPCs keep the LDL from adhering to artery walls. They also indirectly inhibit various enzymes that can damage the walls of the tiny blood vessels of the body, thus preventing seepage of fluid into adjoining tissues (capillary fragility). By doing so, OPCs helps improve circulation and improve blood flow in the veins.
  • OPCs promote healthy brain function. It readily crosses the blood brain barrier to protect brain cells and blood vessels in the brain from free radical damage.
  • Many doctors are now recommending OPCs as a pre-operative protocol since OPC use appears to reduce post operative healing time, decreases resulting scar tissue and post operative complications.
  • Grape seed extract has also been found to be of potential value for improving proper functioning of the eyes- even useful in reducing the effects of glare from bright lights.
  • Another important feature of grape seed extract is its ability to act synergistically with vitamin C. The combination of OPCs and vitamin C facilitates wound healing.

Composition of OPC

OPCs is the trade name for Oligomeric Proanthrocyanidin (patent #4,698,360), a special family of bioflavonoids plus 40 other biologically beneficial components which provide the body with nutritional tools to neutralize free radicals so that the body can renew itself and function normally. Grape seed extract and pine bark extract are two of the most potent sources of proanthrocyanidins. Our OPCs capsules contain 75 mg of Pine Bark from the bark of the French Maritime pine tree , 75 mg of concentrated grape seed extract and 15 mg of quercitin, a powerful and very valuable bioflavonoid which is the major component in the herb Ginko Biloba. It helps stabilize cell membranes helping to reduce the breakdown of collagen and helps inhibit the release of histamine. OPC has undergone extensive testing at such renowned research centers as the Pastuer Institute and others. OPCs are highly bio-available and remain in the body in an active state for 72 hours. It is a safe natural product with no adverse side effects whatsoever, is non-toxic and is water soluble.

Quality of OPC

Commercial blends of OPCs are more effective than others. Clinical experience has proven that basic OPCs blended with special ‘protectors’ and given with enzymes provides best results. These boost OPCs total effectiveness by up to 4 1/2 half times that of common store bought blends and is only available from the Florida Company. Our OPCs contain this most effective blend.



165 mg.- Take one or two capsules twice daily on an empty stomach (preferably take with Megazyme Forte and Willard’s Water).

Dietary Supplement Use Only! This product is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.