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All-natural source of Essential Fatty Acids Provides healthy skin and shiny coats All natural source of essential fatty acids Necessary supplemental amounts of Omega 3 & 6 1 bottle = 8oz Legal disclaimer: Results may vary from pet to pet What is Omega Mender Itch Ender? Omega Mender Itch Ender provides your pet the necessary amount of omega 3 and 6, a natural source of essential fatty acids most times missing from their diet. Omega Mender Itch Ender is necessary to maintain healthy skin and shiny coats. What is Feline Skin Irritation? Cat skin irritations and disorders are the most common pet ailments. A healthy cat has bright, odorless hair and skin, free of debris, grease and irritation. A cat's skin may be irritated if it has a rash, is dry and/or flaking, greasy, red, or itchy. The causes can be numerous from food allergies to fleas and ticks and other irritants. If your cat vomits after a meal, this is an indication that he may have a food allergy. Cat owners should pay close attention to the cat's environment such as its bed or sleeping space which should be cleaned or changed frequently. Omega Mender Itch Ender's formula contains fish oil (Omega 3) and borage oil (Omega 6), the combination clinically proven effective in the treatment of feline skin disorders. Clinical veterinary research has shown that EPA, DHA, and DHA available from fish oil and borage oil provide rapid relief for excessive shedding, dry skin, constant licking and scratching, eczema and dermatitis. These fatty acids are bio-available immediately for a fast improvement in your cat's coat and skin. Signs of Skin Problems excessive shedding dry skin hot spots excessive paw licking greasy and dull coats dandruff sores in ears slow wound healing About PetWellbeing Pet Wellbeing is dedicated to improving the health of your pets. Our team of veterinarians, naturopaths and doctors use time-proven holistic medical practices. We use only the purest, most carefully sourced ingredients. We believe in offering a safe and holistic alternative to modern medicine. But we also believe in integrating the latest scientific research into our traditional, herbal treatments. Our customers consistently tell us that our passion for natural remedies and the formulation have helped their furry friends.