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a rich source of the vital body chemical Xeronine
Noni has long been used as a daily common sense approach to general Wellness. A recent study showed that Noni has unique immune stimulating effects. It stimulates the immune system, regulates cell function and cellular regeneration. The fact that Noni seems to operate on the very basic and critical cellular level may explain why it is considered one of the most beneficial nutritional products available and has such a tremendous impact on the human body.
Folklore Uses
The ancient Hawaiian healers gave it the name Noni. The Noni plant also goes by the name of the Och plant in India, Nonu in Samoa, Nono in Tahiti, Nhau in SE Asia and Cheese Fruit in Australia. Noni is nutritious and was a dietary staple in some ancient cultures. References to Noni date back many centuries. According to historians, the Noni plant was considered sacred. Medicinal use of the Och plant is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings. The Noni plant is native to SE Asia and was introduced to the Polynesian islands through the migration of natives. The Polynesian’s knowledge of the Noni plant and its uses has been handed down through generations, and has prompted many medical researchers to investigate and isolate the beneficial ingredients in Noni. The Noni plant grows primarily through the South Pacific, but grows best in the mineral rich volcanic Ash of the pristine Hawaiians islands where it has been treasured for thousands of years. The Kahunas or traditional medicine men have used this plant and its prized fruit for a wide variety of health problems.

Composition of Noni

The scientific name for Noni is “Morinda Citrifolia.”

Keio University and The Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Japan claimed the isolation of a new anthraquinone compound from Noni called damnacanthal which occurs in the fruit.

Noni delivers a precursor called “pro-xeronine” to the body which then changes into “xeronine” at the cellular level. It is a substance vital to the function of your body. Without xeronine, your proteins would not be able to function and you would not be able to survive. Most people do not get an adequate supply of xeronine in the food they eat and without a proper supply, many health problems will occur.

Xeronine regulates the rigidity and shape of specific proteins. Since these proteins have different functions, a deficiency of xeronine can affect an unbelievably wide range of physiological responses.The liver releases just the right amount of proxeronine into the blood stream where it is distributed throughout various tissues in the body every two hours. It is these semi- hourly releases of proxeronine that is responsible for what physiologists call biorhythms, or increases in mental and physical alertness.Noni increases body energy and has a positive effect on mild mood states. The action of Noni in making a person feel well is caused by xeronine converting certain brain receptors proteins into active sites for the absorption of the endorphones, the well-being hormones. A survey of 1000 people that took Noni found that: * 78% felt a noticeable increase in health. * 69% were so affected that they would not give up their Noni under any condition. The active ingredient of Noni is not present in the plant or fruit. The active ingredient only forms after Noni has been ingested. This is why it is imperative to take Noni on an empty stomach. If it is taken on a full stomach it will have little beneficial action. Dietary Supplement Use Only! This product is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food