Neural Balance - Autism Natural Supplement Drink Mix. Autism Spectrum

$79.95 79.95
Neural Balance is less expensive than a soda and much better for you at just $1.08 per serving, each jar contains 60 scoops and can be up to a 60 day supply depending upon use.
Neural Balance contains NO GMOs, egg, dairy, artificial preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, yeast, nuts, casein, potato, synthetic colors or flavors.
Neural Balance is 100% Gluten Free.
Are you or someone you love being held captive by these conditions?

• Lack of focus
• Aggression
• Irregular Sleep patterns
• Social anxiety
• Social withdrawal
Neural Balance® with Anandanol® has been reported to:

• Support Less Aggressive Behavior
• Support the Ability to Focus
• Support Natural Social Interaction
• Support Healthy Sleep
• Support Peace/Calm
• Support Natural Happiness & Well Being
NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA: Now includes B6 in the active P5P form for superior absorption without the need for conversion. This offers the full benefit of this active form of B6 immediately upon absorption.*