Liver Cleanse Formula (100 caps)*

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Your liver performs hundreds of vital functions for you. As a large filter, it removes toxins from the blood. Water filters are easily replaced. Livers...not so much. Take good care of it!This special blend of herbs helps nourish and detoxify your liver, making its job easier.  
  • Provides nutritional support for the liver 
  • Promotes detox and cleansing 
  • Supports the digestive system 

Why Liver Cleanse Formula? 

The liver supports digestion by secreting bile to help break down fat. It controls the metabolism of nutrients and acts as a reservoir for both nutrients and metabolites. And it filters toxins from the blood. This formula supports the liver’s vital functions, nourishes this crucial organ and helps detoxify it. Our beet roots grow in perfect soil in China where they soak up valuable nitrates that are converted to beneficial nitric oxide in the bodyLocal farmers harvest and clean the beets by hand, earning competitive wages. 

The Story behind Liver Cleanse Formula. Key nutrients in this formula have been helping people feel better for hundreds of years or more! Beets were first grown as a crop in western Europe in the 16th century, but long before that, Greeks and Romans ate beet greens for health. While we think of dandelion as a lawn blemish, the world has seen it in a different light. The Chinese used dandelion root over 2,000 years ago. And records show that the Arabs and Europeans also enjoyed its health benefits. Native Americans used dandelion root to help with pain. This herb goes back to the Middle Ages. According to folklore, angelica root got its name when an angel showed this plant to a monk for use against the plague. It grows widely in northern Europe and the Middle East.

Red beet root, dandelion root, parsley leaves, horsetail stem and strobilus, yellow dock root, black cohosh root, birch leaves, blessed thistle aerial parts, angelica root, chamomile flowers, gentian root and goldenrod aerial parts.


Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.