Liver Cleanse 100 capsules

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Liver Cleanse 100 capsules
  • This herbal remedy aids in cleansing and promoting a healthy liver function.
  • Herbs like Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle and Oregon Grape contribute to this formula.
  • Maintaining a healthy liver is important to overall health!
  • Grandma's Herbs LIVER is one of the oldest and best formulas Grandma's Herbs produces.
  • Dandelion (root), Barberry (bark), Milk Thistle (seed), Plantain (leaf), Burdock (root), Oregon Grape (root), Yarrow (herb), Cleavers (herb), Uva Ursi (leaf), Blue Flag (root), Beet (root)


  • 2 Capsules morning and night. 1 hour after meals when possible.