Itch & Scratch Chewies for Dogs (Soothes itching and scratching, hot spots, itchy paws, licking or chewing)

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Soothes itching and scratching, hot spots, itchy paws, licking or chewing

  • Supports the comfort and health of your dog's skin
  • Helps maintain normal skin hydration and integrity
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Order Itch & Scratch Chewies today for relief of your dog's itchy paws and skin!

  • 90 soft chews (approx. 4 grams per chew)
  • Vegetarian chicken flavor
  • No wheat, corn, soy, dairy, beef, chicken, or animal by-products (all common skin allergens), or artificial preservatives
  • Earth-friendly, 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee
  • Made in USA

What are Itch & Scratch Chewies for Dogs?

Itch & Scratch Chewies are a vet-formulated, balanced blend of herbs and nutrients that soothe the discomfort of itching and help maintain your dog's healthy skin integrity. 

Featuring a classic four-herb formula used in traditional Chinese medicine for 'damp heat' including itching and reddened, swollen skin, Itch & Scratch Chewies target the underlying imbalances that cause the skin to become uncomfortably red and sometimes unbearably itchy, including on the paws and between the toes. Together with skin-supportive nutrients including omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamins C and E, Itch & Scratch Chewies work to restore and maintain healthy skin from the inside out.

Itch & Scratch Chewies do not contain wheat, corn, soy, dairy, beef, chicken, or animal by-products, common skin allergens that are often found in dog foods and treats.

What are Itch & Scratch Chewies helpful for?

Itchy skin is an increasingly common reason for visits to the veterinarian. In canines, the primary way that an allergy manifests is through the skin.

Allergies that affect the skin may appear as:

  • Increased and sometimes incessant itching and scratching and/or licking
  • Redness
  • Moist or dry, flakey skin; scabbing
  • Itchy ears (and possibly ear infections)
  • Swollen and itchy paws

The itching may be all over the body or localized in one area. Your dog's behavior may also change since a constant state of itchy discomfort can quickly lead to irritability, disrupted sleep, exhaustion, and snapping.

Itch & Scratch Chewies provide support for itchy, red, dry or moist skin that can arise from allergic responses that affect your dog's skin. Repeated scratching may also cause the skin to break and create an opportunity for infection.

If your dog is experiencing hot spots, itching, scratching, or itchy paws and legs, Itch & Scratch Chewies can help!

What causes skin allergies?

Like people, canines are susceptible to irritants and allergens they encounter in their environment or in their diet. Some dog breeds have a greater incidence of allergies that can affect their skin. The most common allergens are environmental (known as contact allergy or atopy), ingredients in foods, and flea and insect bites. Secondary skin reactions may occur due to another health issue or a medication.

Common allergens include:

  • Pollens and grasses
  • Dust, dust mites, and molds
  • Fragrances and other chemicals including those found in laundry detergents, dog shampoos, and household cleaners
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Prescription medication (including flea medication or medicated flea products)
  • Insect bites (including fleas)
  • Dander and feathers (may be in pillows, duvets or bedspreads)
  • Foods such as dairy products, beef products, soy, wheat, corn, chicken, and chicken by-products
  • Foods or treats containing food coloring

Allergic responses may also cause respiratory-related symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny, itchy nose
  • Breathing difficulties (due to airborne allergens)

To help support breathing or sneezing related to allergies, see Nettle-Eyebright Gold.

Always consult your veterinarian as needed.

Is it an allergy - or just dry skin?

A lower indoor or outdoor humidity can cause dryness in the environment and the skin to become dry and itchy. Monitor whether your dog starts to itch when you turn on the heat or air-conditioning in your home, or when the air becomes drier with a change of seasons. You can test the humidity in your house with a hygrometer from a hardware or home improvement store. An optimal humidity range is considered to be 35-50%. If the air in your home becomes too dry, a humidifier can provide the necessary humidity your dog (and you) may need to stay comfortable and healthy.

Allergic-type symptoms may be clues that your dog has another type of disorder, so be sure to have your dog examined by a veterinarian.

Why choose Itch & Scratch Chewies from Pet Wellbeing?

  • Developed by our team of experienced veterinarians who understand the unique needs of your pet.
  • Manufactured in the USA in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities.
  • Third-party tested to ensure the highest quality control standards.
  • We adhere to the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) national guidelines, in accordance with FDA good guidance practices regulations for pet supplements.
  • Trusted care since 2001.
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee.