Intestinal Soothe & Build (100 caps)

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Soothe your stomach with an all-natural blend of marshmallow root, slippery elm bark and chamomile flowers. Utilizing a unique formula, Intestinal Soothe and Build eases gut troubles, helps relieve occasional bloating and supports bowel cleansing.  
  • Supports the intestinal system 
  • Relieves occasional bloating and pressure 
  • Supports detox and cleansing

Why Our Intestinal Soothe and Build? 

Created with the help of experienced herbal practitioners, our Intestinal Soothe and Build is specially formulated to balance the body’s intestinal systemThis herbal formula features an exclusive combination of traditional herbs sourced from the finest growers around the world. Take marshmallow root, for example. We work with small family farmers in Poland to source our marshmallow in its native climate. These growers have cared for their lands and our herbs for generations. Each year, they sow a new crop of marshmallow in the spring and harvest it in the early fall. We work with these trusted partners to set fair prices to ensure high-quality, long-term production of this important herb. 

The Story behind Intestinal Soothe and Build. Formulated with input from successful herbal practitioners, Intestinal Soothe and Build naturally supports improved gut health and overall digestive function. Many of its key ingredients have been prominently featured in traditional medicine that has been passed down through generations of natural healers. Chamomile was prominently used by ancient Greek and Roman healers, and it gained notoriety during the Medieval age as 16th and 17th century doctors frequently used it in plasters, ointments, oils and baths. Slippery elm bark was used by many different Native American tribes for digestive and immune support as well as a topical application for the skin. Though popularized as a candy by French confectioners in the mid-1800’s, Marshmallow has a long history of use. Ancient Egyptians used it to help with respiratory concerns, but they reserved its use solely for the gods and royalty. Known for its soothing properties, especially for the mucous membranes, marshmallow helps the body get rid of substances that often collect or stick to these membranes. The ingredients in this formula are specifically designed to help relieve occasional bloating pressure and soothe the intestinal tract using traditional wellness methods that have been refined and perfected over time.

Slippery elm bark, chamomile flowers, plantain leaves, rose hips and marshmallow root extract.


Take 3 capsules twice daily with meals.