Himalayan Institute, Neti Salt, Salt for Nasal Wash, 1.5 lbs (680.3 g)

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  • Non-Iodized Salt
  • No Additives or Anti-Caking Agents
  • Makes 300+ Nasal Washes
  • The Original Since 1972

Suggested Use

For an isotonic rinse, fill the smaller side of the provided spoon with neti salt and mix with warm, sterile water filled to the top of the neti pot; for hypertonic rinse, fill the large side of the provided spoon.

Other Ingredients

Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (99.99%) USP


Water Warning: For your safety, do not use tap water unless it has been previously boiled for at least five minutes. You may also use distilled, micro-filtered (through 0.2 micron) or commercially bottled water for nasal rinsing.

This product is additive-free; any clumps may be broken apart and used. Keep the bag tightly closed to protect contents from moisture.

Do not perform a nasal rinse with plain water, this will result in a severe burning sensation.