Halo, Liv-A-Littles, Protein Treats, 100% Whole Wild Salmon, For Dogs & Cats, 1.6 oz (45.3 g)

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  • Our #1 Selling Protein Treat
  • Whole Meat - No Rendered "Meat Meal"
  • Freeze-Dried NOT Dehydrated
  • A Natural Source of Essential Omegas
  • Whole Wild Salmon (Not pressed or formed)

Why Freeze Dried?

  • Original meat texture is preserved, unlike dehydrated
  • Moistening reactivates meat aroma and taste pets love
  • Freeze-dried meat maintains more nutrients than dehydrated

Whole Meat makes a whole lot of difference

For over 30 years, halo has insisted on creating pet food and treats with WHOLE meat...never ANY rendered "meat meal".

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