Greater Than (Enhances Energy+ Enhanced Cell Function +Probiotic)

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Enada Greater Than is a combination product of the 10mg Performance and a Colostrum Extract ( Augmentsodine ) which is 40 times more powerful than normal Colostrum – the package contains 30 capsules of Augmentsodine. It is high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies, and low in fat. This amazing new product enhances your experience of health and increases your feelings of well-being: Lack of Energy, Tiredness Abnormal Cell Function Gastrointestinal Problems This amazing super colostrum extract contains essential anti-oxidants and immunoglobulins that help your cells neutralize toxins and heal more efficiently. These powerful substances also balance and strengthen your immune system. Microbial invaders won’t know what hit them when they are obliterated by the powerful response of your super-energized, killer white blood cells. Augmentsodine™ helps your cells absorb more nutrients faster. When your cells work the way they were designed, optimized for top performance, you have more energy and greater feelings of well-being.