Frisco Trapezoid Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed

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It’s basically two beds in one! This collapsible pet cave offers your pet a cozy little spot of their own to burrow into—with an attached dangly toy on the roof for when they want to play—and it converts into a very comfy bolster bed when they want to stretch out or lounge about. It’s got a removable, machine washable pillow inside too, so their bed always stays comfy, clean and fresh whenever they need a good rest. Plus, the two-tone color scheme fits right in with your home décor.

Key Benefits
  • Two-in-one design functions as a comfy cave and a lofted bolster bed.
  • Cave design gives your pet a place to borrow with added safety, security and coziness.
  • Top cave collapses to become a bolster bed for pets who like some extra head and neck support.
  • The pillow is removable and machine washable so you can keep your pet’s nap spot clean and fresh.
  • Cool trapezoid shape with two-tone colors looks great with your home décor.

Spot Clean.