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The premiere anti-aging and cellular system fortifier
Increases Cellular Immunity
Increases Metabolic, Digestive Health
Increases Wellness and Rejuvenation


Genesis Advanced BioScience has created a revolutionary, new breakthrough in human nutrition called Fortizel™. This amazing product utilizes a super-powered extract of Colostrum called Augmentsodine™. It is high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies, and low in fat. Fortizel™ is vital for Anti Aging and Longevity to promote a healthy body by normalizing cell function and thereby stopping cell mutation to disease or cancer. Live longer and return to natural health.

More than 80% of athletes taking Fortizel® have reported strong improvements such as more stamina, better endurance, higher energy and shorter recovery phases.

Athletes also have fewer muscular problems with Fortizel® and less susceptibility to infections. And an improved level of concentration and faster healing from injuries.  That means you can push yourself harder and longer, and your muscles will recover faster!

Fortizel’s positive impact on the performance of athletes is caused by increased plasma IGF-1 levels. 1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1).. This enhances intramuscular buffering capacity along with decreasing body mass.  It helps you stay fit and cut!

Fortizel® improves the functioning of the immune system. Improvement of the immune system prevents the waste of IgG2 concentration in serum. Consuming Fortizel® during intensive training and the subsequent recovery phase also lowers the incidence of respiratory problems. No more asthma!

In addition, the probability of infection after sports injuries is much less after taking Fortizel®.  Muscle strain acceptance increases with Fortizel® while pain associated with sore muscles is reduced.  The other advantage is that the muscle soreness and muscular pain at maximum strains is reduced. You can push yourself harder than you ever have!

Athletes of all disciplines have attested that their stamina has improved and their recuperating times have shortened after intense training sessions. Your mind and my body both benefit from Fortizel®.  Concentration is better and muscle ache occurs much more rarely.

Fortizel® is used by many Olympic athletes and is now considered “hot new insider” advice among athletes.

Fortizel® does contain natural growth factors. It also contains immunoglobulin, enzymes, lactoferrin, trace elements, metals and vitamins.

Fortizel® diminishes the amount of tryptophan attached to albumin. So, greater amounts of free tryptophan are available in the brain. This helps the cells produce higher levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone. Sufficient amounts of serotonin offers an overall positive sate of well-being, no depression!