Defense System 100 capsules

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Defense System 100 capsules
  • Aids in neutralizing free radicals in the body with herbs that contain anti-oxidants.
  • Cleanses the blood stream, and various organs in the body.
  • Promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Agaricus (herb), Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Black Seed (herb), Astragalus (root), Sheep Sorrel (herb), Red Clover (tops), Plantain (herb), Pau D' Arco (bark), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Turkey Rhubarb (herb), Larrea (herb),Artemisia (herb), Blue Flag (root), Oak Bark (herb), Dandelion (herb), Burdock (herb)
  • 2 Capsules 3 times a day or 3 capsules 2 times a day.