Daily Greens 100 capsules

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Daily Greens 100 capsules
  • DAILY GREENS contains Wheat Grass, along with many other health promoting herbs.
  • It is the perfect natural multi-vitamin-mineral supplement for daily consumption.
  • Contains chlorophyll from several of the herbs in this formula. Chlorophyll promotes the production of red blood cells and is also instrumental in assimilating minerals like calcium.
  • Wheat Grass (herb), Alfalfa (leaf), Red Raspberry (leaf & pulp), Parsley (herb), Barley Green (herb), Spirulina (herb), Horsetail Grass (herb), Yucca (root), Oat Straw (herb), Nettle (herb), Chia (seed), Bee Pollen, Canaigre (root), Ginseng (root), Cayenne Pepper, Bladder Pod (herb), Aloe Vera (herb)
  • 2 or 3 Capsules two or three times per day.