Cholesterol 100 capsules

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Cholesterol 100 capsules
  • Our all natural CHOLESTEROL formula contains herbs that have a long history of heart health. 
  • Also helps to maintain a healthy liver function. (Cholesterol is produced and excreted by the liver)
  • Cholesterol may just give you an edge on maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.
  • This maintenance product is used by thousands of happy, healthy customers  :)   .
  • Garlic (bulb) Turmeric (root), Bayberry (root), Cayenne (fruit), Hawthorne Berry (herb), Niacinamide, Lecithin (granules), Fenugreek (seed), Milk Thistle (seed), Black Cohosh (root), Sassafras (root), Apple Pectin (concentrate), Citrus Juice Pectin (concentrate), Alfalfa (leaf), Plantain (herb & seed), Bladderwrack (herb), Speedwell (herb), Rhubarb (root), Canaigre (root)
  • 2 Capsules 3 times a day.