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What is Can-C Plus?

Drastically enhance the power of Can-C eye drops with Can-C Plus. The state-of-the-art combination of carefully chosen ingredients in Can-C Plus provides the ideal environment for anti-cataract Can-C NAC eye drops to deliver the most of their anti-aging benefits to your eyes.

Why take Can-C Plus?

  • Duration, effectiveness and potency of Can-C eye drops is increased
  • Increases free radical protection while reducing oxidative environment inside the eye
  • Supports denser cataracts in the beginning of treatment when used in conjunction with Can-C NAC eye drops
  • Improves the efficiency of Can-C NAC eye drops when added to the treatment, after using eye drops alone

Many popular oral eye supplements currently on the market contain lutein and astaxanthin, which may reduce the effectiveness of Can-C eye drops. On the contrary, the ingredients of Can-C Plus are designed to work in tandem with Can-C eye drops, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

How does Can-C Plus work?

Can-C Plus has been formulated with specific ingredients that prevent the main ingredient, NAC, or N-Acetylcarnosine, from breaking down. This allows it to work in the eye for a longer duration.

Can-C eye drops slow down or reverse the growth of senile cataracts, aiding you in avoiding cataract surgery and helping to preserve the natural lens of the eye. They may also be of benefit in other conditions such as presbyopia, open-angle primary glaucoma (in combination with beta-blockers), corneal disorders, macular degeneration, eye strain, ocular inflammation, blurred vision, dry eye syndrome, retinal diseases, floaters and complications of diabetes mellitus.