Calm Essence 30 vCaps

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Stress is a major factor in modern life. Between work and family commitments, and the constant sensory overload of our ultra-connected lives, the frantic pace of modern life seldom lets up. While the body can easily deal with stress on an occasional basis, it was not designed to be in a constant battle against it. Stress has been shown to have detrimental effects on the body, including lowered immune function, adrenal fatigue, interrupted sleep, and difficulty concentrating.

There is 150 mg of L-theanine (Suntheanine®) in a serving of CalmEssence™, an amino acid from green tea that studies have shown promotes a sense of calm, even under extreme pressure. There is also 100 mg of magnolia bark per serving. The phytochemical called honokiol in magnolia bark, is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to decrease nervous tension. Other ingredients include ashwagandha, eleuthero, schizandra, rhodiola, and cordyceps. These plants, when combined, are thought to provide a significant foundation of adrenal support.*


Ashwagandha extract,cellulose,Cordyceps extract,Eleuthero extract,l-leucine,L-Theanine (Suntheanine®),Magnolia extract,Rhodiola extract,Schizandra extract,silicon dioxide