Black Seed Oil and Wild Turkish Oregano oil 1 oz

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Black Cumin Seed Oil, Steam Distilled Wild Oregano Oil

Black Seed with Oregano Oil is a blend of 2 powerful ingredients which increases health benefits two folds. Amazing Herbs used the premium Turkish Wild Origanum Vulgare for maximum safety and efficacy. The Premium Black Seed oil is also from the most potent Nigella Sativa Seed from Turkey. It significantly increases the body resistance against various adverse conditions and also supports vital body functions.

The combination helps improve cardiovascular health and promotes gastrointestinal and respiratory health. "The Black Seed with Oregano Oil Blend from Amazing Herbs is a rich source of potent Antioxidant and Antimicrobial properties that boosts the immune system and promote physiological function for optimal quality of life and vitality."

The Oil extraction and blending was carried out in a well-certified facility here in the USA by qualified experts. They followed FDA-approved GMP guidelines for quality end Oil formulation. It is important to mention that a third-party lab tested the end product for purity and safety.

Plus, Amazing Herbs ensured gluten-free, without preservatives, and a Non-GMO Pure blend with superior absorption. Features of Oregano Pure Oil by Amazing Herbs • Oregano Oil is minimum 70% Quality Carvacrol/Caracole • Black Seed Oil is 100% pure freshly pressed with high level TQ. • Free from Gluten and Alcohol • Strengthen Immune System • Support Cardiovascular Health • Supports Respiratory Health • Helps with Brain function. • Preserve Vitality • Improve Quality of life • Recommended for Both Men and Women • Easy to use Oil formulation.