Baobab Fruit Pulp 16 oz

$49.00 49.00


  • Prebiotic soluble fiber and insoluble fiber for digestive health and improved nutrient uptake
  • Highest per serving antioxidant capacity of any superfruit: ORAC = 650/gram
  • Delicious sweet/tart flavor and superior thickening quality for THE SMOOTHEST SMOOTHIE ™.
  • Symbiotic digestive effect when added to yogurt or other probiotic foods for truly superior digestive health.
  • Excellent for sports drinks, smoothies, fruit fillings, jams and jellies, energy bars
  • 100% gluten free and raw.
  • 100% wild harvested and sourced directly from producers
  • Promotes environmental stewardship, ecological sustainability, gender equality and rural community development in our African communities through Fair Partnership.