Aloe Spectrum Intelligent Eye Oil, 0.5 FL OZ BOTTLE

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Repairs and replenishes the skin’s natural moisture lost as the result of age, chemical or environmental insult.
Intelligent Moisture Eye-Oil Complex

Restore moisture balance with long lasting moisturizing activity

“Intelligent Moisture” Eye-Oil Complex Use: This outstanding Eye-oil allows skin a rapid manner in which it may repair and replenish the skin’s natural moisture lost as the result of age, chemical or environmental insult to the skin. Contains plant-derived human skin identical oils and lipids. Directions: Apply underneath and around the eye area. Excellent around mouth and lips. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sandra Cope’s Eye-Oil formula contains:

  • CERAMIDE3 —Plant derived human skin-identical lipids (There are six Ceramides found in human skin. Ceramide 3 and Phytosphingosine are most noted for their moisturization properties. The remaining Ceramides regulate other skin functions). These lipids make up 40 to 65% of the moisture barrier of the skin. They are liken unto “mortar” if you compare skin cells as the “bricks,” and have potent moisture-retaining properties that are immediately noticeable. When applied to the skin, damage to the skin’s moisture barrier that would normally take 6 to 8 weeks to recover normally are restored within 20 hours (detailed clinical studies and tests available upon request). When the moisture balance is restored, skin tone is restored and wrinkles and crow’s feet are smoothed away in the process greatly minimizing their appearance. This is long-term moisturization.
  • JOJOBA OIL — which is well known for its affinity and biochemical similarity to human sebum.
  • SQUALANE OIL — plant-derived (from Olive Oil), potent transporting agent for passing other oils and nutrients into the stratum comeum, as well as biochemically similar to our own natural skin lipids, having potent moisturizing properties.
  • MACADAMIA NUT OIL — which is u1tra-rich in. Oleic acid, one of the most prevalent substances in human skin. Also a natural sun screen.
  • QUINOA OIL — nutrient and mineral-rich — contains all basic amino acids making it a complete protein. Potent moisturizing properties and readily accepted by the skin. The skin uses components of this oil to reinforce it’s natural immune system. This oil is a rich natural source of L-Lysine (an amino acid) that helps prevent certain viruses from reproducing.
  • NUTRITIONAL VITAMIN E – 5 times more moisturizing than synthetic acetates commonly used in skin care. Potent anti-oxidant and natural preservative.
  • PHYTOSPHINGOSINE– plant-derived human skin-identical lipid. This substance is found naturally in the skin and stimulates the production of all six Ceramides found in the moisture matrix of the skin. It is also a potent natural anti-microbial/anti-bacterial agent. Provides extensive moisturization to the skin and since it is found naturally in the skin within its moisture matrix it is readily absorbed and immediately utilized by the skin. This is an exciting new natural substance only recently available. Phytosphingosine and Ceramide 3, are potent moisturizers with remarkable (clinically documented) anti-wrinkle properties. Much research and clinical studies available on this ingredient.
  • OLEOEUROPINE — this is an exciting new ingredient derived from Olive leaves. This ingredient is a potent free-radical scavenger and a powerful agent in soothing damaged skin. Also, greatly stimu1ates new cell turn-over. When Olive leaves fall off the tree they never turn brown because of the powerful antioxidants contained in the leaves.

1. What are the 5 key benefits of using your product?


This product contains human skin-identical biological actives of botanical origin. They have been scientifically shown to do the following:

a. Excellently accepted by the skin because of the lamellar (human skin-identical —highly structured and organized) lipid structure of its Ceramides (Ceramide 3 is delivered to the skin in a proprietary matrix of organo-compatible constituents) and abundance of essential fatty acids causing a restoration of the natural lipid barrier function.

b. Rapidly helps to restore the natural lipid barrier function by using natural ingredients based on membrane lipids. The lost and damaged barrier lipids can be replenished through the skin’s natural repair mechanism. This however takes time as the epidermal turnover rate of a healthy person, depending on age, is normally between four to seven weeks. It is possible to repair the lipid barrier much more quickly from the outside with a topical formulation that includes the skin’s own original building blocks structured as they are found naturally in the skin

C. Decreased wrinkles and skin roughness — increased long-term skin moisturization by helping regulate transepidermal water loss which quickly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to prevent future wrinkles.

d. “intelligent Moisture” Eye-Oil Complex actives are blended into an aqueous, viscous solution of a highly purified fraction of branched galacto-mannane saccharide polymers of botanical origin with potent moisturizing properties similar to the polysaccharides found in human skin. This product provides the skin with a feel of exceptiona1 lubricy, incredibly luxurious slip and a remarkable end feel to the skin. Eye Oil Complex forms a thin, light permeable, viscoelastic film on the surface of the skin increasing its smoothness and elasticity. A perceivable and visible improvement to the condition of the skin has been confirmed with clinical studies on the moisturizing and skin smoothing properties of its ingredients.

e. Stimulates increased cell turnover.

2. How does this product work? Why is it unique?

This outstanding Eye-Oil allows skin a rapid manner in which it may repair and replenish the skin’s natural moisture lost as the result of age, chemical or environmental insult to the skin. Contains a complex of Ceramides which are plant-derived human skin identical oils and lipids. It is generally accepted that ceramides play a key role in maintaining the lipid barrier of the skin.

It took until the middle of the 20th century before it became clear that the barrier found within the skin must be located in the epidermis, in the upper layers of the stratum comeum. It has been only in the last 20 years that basic dermatological science has come to realize that the lipids which are located between the comeocytes (specialized skin cells) within the stratum comeum ere responsible for the barrier function of the skin.

If we look now to this lipid matrix, which fills the space between the comeocytes as the mortar in a brick wall, we can find parallel lamellar lipid structures. The first proof that those lamellar lipid structures actually existed were confirmed by electron micrographs. When analyzed chemically it was found that these membranes consists mainly of phospholipids, ceramides and cholesterol, while the surface skin lipids were comprised of trigylcerols and squalene.

“Intelligent Moisture” Eye-Oil Complex is made exclusively from the components of the skin lipids such as: Ceramides~ Phospholipids, Trigylcerols, Squalane and Phytosterols. It contains no emulsifiers, no stabilizers, and no thickening agents.