Poop Bags epi Hydrant Dispenser

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Go "green" with Eco-friendly Poopbags Dispenser Designed to hold one roll of Poopbags http://www.petwellbeing.com/products/the-original-poopbags Contains 30% recycled content Adjustable velcro strap means easy strap-on to leash or your belt Threaded cap makes reloading a breeze Comes with 15 Poopbags (size 9" x 13") Why do we like these dispensers so much? They're made of biodegradable plastic They're economical They have a clip on the back to hold used Poopbags Like the Poopbags we sell, this hydrant-shaped dispenser is made with an EPI technology additive making it fully biodegradable. The maderial used to make these dispensers contains a TDPA® formulation, allowing natural breakdown of plastic into carbon dioxide, water and biomass (i.e. materials that are found in nature). When polymer resins are manufactured, antioxidant components are blended into the material composition to make the plastic more shelf-stable and longer lasting. EPI's oxo-degradation does not break the plastic down as long as the antioxidants remain intact, so the plastic will not prematurely degrade. As a responsible company that cares about pet and human health, and the wellbeing of our plant, we encourage use of biodegradable plastics. Does it come with a guarantee? No! You may have come to appreciate that all of PetWellbeing's products come with a 90 day money back guarantee. Unlike all of our other products, Poopbags are disposable, single-use items and are not eligible for return or a money back offer. This item is a final sale. We feel confident that you will be happy with every purchase of Poopbags. Due to health and safety concerns, dog waste products cannot be sent back to our warehouse.