Nupro Dietary Supplement - Small Breed

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Dietary Supplement for dogs This all Natural Dog Supplement is a totally holistic product that replaces the vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that a dog does not get from processed food. It is excellent for all breeds and all ages from puppies to geriatric. 1 container = 30oz Suitable for smaller breeds Only sold in the USA Why does your dog need a dietary supplement? The processing practice of most of the commercial pet foods involve high heats, cooking, rendering, freezing, dehydrating, canning, extruding, pelleting, and so forth. Processing meat and by-products used in pet food can greatly diminish or even destroy their nutritional value. Many of the commercial brands of dog food are not well-balanced and do not provide all the nutrients for a healthy system and body. A lifetime spent on these foods can be starving your dog of vital nutrients. Both healthy and ailing dogs can benefit from the addition of nutritional supplements. Problems Associated with a Commercial Diet chronic digestive problems vomiting, diarrhea inflammatory bowel disease Allergy or hypersensitivity to foods Urinary tract disease NUPRO is made with fresh quality health food ingredients that are human-grade, not animal-grade. Contains a full range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids in their natural raw forms. Whether you use commercial diets, or cook for your animals, a supplement is an essential part of your daily nutritional program. Customer Testimonial Hi, my name is Randy from East Point, GA. This morning while getting ready for work, my Corgi "Marty" got a hold of my empty jar of Nupro, and proceeded to get his head stuck in the jar! I couldn't get it off, so I went to the garage and got some wire cutters and cut through the plastic. Attached is a picture of him I quickly took with my digital camera. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked so pitiful with that jar on his head! I thought you might find this funny...I guess it's quite a testimony to your product! ;) Sincerely, Randy Customer Testimonial Hello, This is one of the rare times I’ve sat down to write a letter of appreciation for a product. I’ve been doing rescue work with animals for almost fifteen years, and over the course of time I’ve learned how imperative good nutrition is to an animal’s health (especially to the abused and neglected pets who have come my way). I try to use only natural, holistic care for the animals, and one product that’s a basic part of the program is Nupro. This is such a high quality, well balanced supplement, incorporating exactly the right mixture of nutrients. I used to buy many of the same supplements individually at a much higher over-all price! And the results are apparent in just a matter of weeks, even in animals with long term skin and health problems. A perfect example is Zoe, a dog that was just recently turned in because her owner was tired of dealing with her skin condition. She was suffering from terrible allergies, was almost bald, covered in sores and hot spots, itched constantly, and had a severe ear infection. Her owner had been treating her for almost a year with antibiotics, steroids, and chemicals dips and baths. I immediately took her off those treatments, put her on a natural (no by-products, no preserves) dog food, and added Nupro (plus some herbs to boost her immune system). It’s now been just over one month, and not only has her skin cleared up completely, but her fur is starting to come in silky soft and her ears have healed! She’s bright eyed, full of energy, and will soon be ready for adoption! I’ve been giving out samples of Nupro with each adoption and will continue to encourage everyone to try this supplement for their pets. Thank you for such a quality product! Sincerely, Lori Customer Testimonial I would like to relate a bit of my experience with Nupro. I have two Rottweilers, both rescues, who have been on Nupro since January of this year. Maia (approximately 1 year old female) was VERY underweight and had been through some physical abuse. Bear (4 year old male) had been starved and severely abused. I immediately put them on the Nupro mixed with water in their kibble, when they came home with me. The difference in them not only physically, but temperamentally has been nothing short of wonderful. When I say temperament, I don’t mean to imply that they were vicious, in fact quite the opposite, they were both very nervous and frankly scared. But lots of love, patience, consistency, and an excellent diet (which includes Nupro at every meal) has them in wonderful condition. Maia was a very slim 50.5 lbs when she came to me. She’s now a very healthy 65 lbs (and gaining), beautiful muscle-tone, and a personality that just lights up a room! Bear’s weight was pretty good when he came to me, but his coat was a MESS! Now his coat is beautiful. He plays like a puppy, and he’s steady as a rock. He’s also about 110 lbs these days! I can say that I will not be without Nupro for my "babies", and recommend it enthusiastically. Bear and Maia would too, since they wolf it down! Many thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you again. Regards, Lois