“As above, so below.” – Hermeticism, ancient Greek esoteric wisdom Whether or not we choose to believe in these influences, chances are that if someone suggests that trimming our hair during a certain astronomic event will help it grow faster and stronger, we might just give it a shot! THE FIRST DAY OF FALL An equinox occurs twice a year, in March and in September, marking the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall, respectively. In both cases, day and night are almost of equal duration all over the planet, hence the Latin root of the word: “equi” (equal) and “nox” (night). As with all events that do not happen every day, today’s is pretty special; the Northern Hemisphere is moving into autumn, while the Southern Hemisphere is emerging from winter into spring. In other words, the seasons are literally changing across our planet today!

Portrait of young woman in autumn park. Holding leaves and enjoying in sunny autumn weather. Wearing warm clothing.

                                                                                                  What’s it to… your hair?

It depends on what approach you take: • Scientific / Spiritual - This time is geared toward retaining nutrients and storing energy; the blood gets slightly thinner and moves faster, therefore speeding the elimination of toxins. Trimming your hair during this time can be part of that detox process, helping it grow faster, stronger and thicker. • Emotional – Going through a breakup, feeling the need to let go of “baggage”, wanting to change an inner aspect of yourself, looking to call someone’s attention? Cutting your hair can be a cathartic experience and can give you a jump start to new beginnings. • Physical – Changing your look can be the best remedy for boredom. Exploring with a new hairstyle is not a mere superficial resolution, it’s an expression of our identity and can help break the monotony of everyday life! Whatever resonates with each of us, we can all agree that any day is a good day to give our hair some MONAT TLC! Choose the perfect MONAT product or treatment system for you .
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