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A pH-balanced, gentle shampoo that removes "ruff" dirt, debris and grime, for a healthy-looking, clean dog.

363 ml ℮ 12.3 fl. oz.


  • Naturally-based, lightweight formula
  • Great lather that rinses away clean
  • Plant-derived keratin alternative smooths each strand of your dog’s coat for manageability
  • Botanical blend, featuring MONAT exclusive- REJUVENIQE™ gives shine and moisture to fur
  • Light, refreshing scent leaves dogs smelling fresh
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula safe enough for use on dog’s coat and skin
  • pH balanced for all dogs- large and small and long hair to short coats
  • Helps to condition and moisturize the coat
  • Cola Det EQ-20 gently, deep cleanses while softening for a cuddle-ready coat
  • Tested on humans first, shiny, healthy-looking coats loved by dogs, after
  • Sulfate- free Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
  • When playtime gets ruff- we clean up!

    MONAT PET™ Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash cleanses your dog in between play time, it works hard to thoroughly and gently clean dirt, grime, and oils while simultaneously softening coat hair, leaving it silky, smooth, velvety, and cuddle-ready.


    • Gently and effectively cleanses -dirt, grime, and oils
    • Softens, shine, and smooths -dog coats are velvety and manageable
    • Moisturizes and soothes -for a health-looking coat of hair
    • Smells “paws”itively amazing -Gardenia scented shampoo for a clean, fresh dog
    • Naturally based, Sulfate-free, pH-balanced formulas -Made for dogs of all hair lengths


      • First, brush out coat
      • Then, wet thoroughly with warm water to remove surface dirt and debris
      • Apply shampoo, working through the coat while gently massaging your dog’s skin
      • Avoid getting shampoo into dog's ears and eyes
      • Rinse well with lukewarm water, towel dry, and finish by gently brushing their coat
      • Enjoy your clean dog