Karma Sweet and Sour Lemon Lotion

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Manicure and Pedicure: This lotion is especially used after a manicure and pedicure to make your skin smooth and gentle. It gives a soothing effect to the hands and feet. REFRESHING: Refreshing lemon essential lotion, Coconut oil with minerals-rich beta-glucan work together to restore the skin's natural lipid balance beauty. 100% Organic Ingredients: Made with 100% organic ingredients. It includes Lemon Essential Oil, Purified Water, Glycerin (from Coconut Oil), Almond Oil, Soy and Jojoba Oil, Rice Bran Oil. NOURISHES SKIN: Our essential Lemon Lotion benefits your skin by reducing acne, nourishing damaged skin and hydrating the skin. Purifies Skin: Our lemon Sweet and Sour lotion has a purifying, cleansing and protective effect on the hands and feet.