FIR Professional Model Radiator

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 Product Brochure Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate the skin to the hypodermic tissues - improving circulation and the metabolism, and activating cells. The wavelength of energy in FIR is comfortably and safely absorbed by the human body.
  1. World’s most powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.

  2. Suitable for long hours of usage without risk of overheating/causing burns; FIR energy is compatible and readily absorbed by the human body.

  3. Easy and convenient to use; able to penetrate clothing with full benefits.

  4. 360 degree rotational head and adjustable stand to suit any angle, height and intensity required by the user; any part of the body can receive treatment.

  5. Benefits those who suffer from muscle ache, shoulder pain; improves metabolism and blood circulation

  6. A short usage of 15 minutes can create desirable results.

The flexible shaft allows easy use to help generate FIR energy to different parts of the body.

Intervew about the Sky Eye medical device by Relax Saunas

Tashi has an acupuncture Practice in Tucson, Arizona and says that the Sky Eye far infrared lamp works better than the traditional TDP. acupuncture lamp that most acupuncturists have in their offices. The Sky Eye lamp heats instantly as soon as you turn it on. It also has its own timer, unlike traditional lamps that have a separate timer and take about five minutes to warm up. With a separate timer, they have to watch the timer and then turn off the lamp. This one has an integrated timer which turns off by itself when the time is up. He uses it in his own acupuncture practice. His wife, Laura, is a licensed massage therapist. She uses it, for example, when her clients have stagnation in their belly she then uses the lamp on the belly while she works on lymphatic drainage in the arms and legs. So it is like an extra helper. “Our own R2D2.” When that area is released, she then moves it to other parts of the body that have stagnation or pain. It has its own wheels and the neck is flexible for easy adjustment when attention is needed on individual parts of the body. ‘it's amazing. I love it. I know you will, too, if you give it a chance.” When he uses it in his practice with clients who have ovarian cysts or stomach pain, it softens the area very fast and his wife finds that when her clients need lymphatic drainage that it works so much faster than other lamps. They have people with neuropathy problems and they use it on their thighs. “Oh my God, it's faster than moving the lymph alone.” He says the effect of the lamp goes deeper into the body where they cannot reach. They use it for people who have knee injuries, or shoulder injuries from golfing, or tossing a ball around or who have tennis elbow. At 800 watts it is a lot stronger then the table version lamp that only has 200 watts. It works a lot quicker and is more effective. They combine the lamps when they use the smaller lamp in combination with herbal product. “You can do more in an hour then without it.” Their practices are both located in Tucson Arizona and he also teaches Ci Gong, Tai Chi and meditation. He practices regular acupuncture therapy and, they both specializes in treating people with scoliosis, sciatica and neuropathy. His wife does a very specialized form of abdominal massage and the lamp makes her work a lot easier. He also finds the lamp very effective, in combination with the medicine on the skin, for sciatica. They use essential oils in a process called Rain Therapy, which involves putting oil along the spinal area and using heating pads, which have to be reactivated after each use and which is a bother. Now they simply have their clients sit in the Relax far infrared sauna. They have been doing this for about two years now and they find it works much better. He really recommends it for people who have a similar practice. It is more effective and requires less maintenance, saving time. They have had a Relax sauna for their personal use for about five years and it still looks brand-new. “That is the surprising thing, no issue. It works, no matter what. It works as well as it did on the first day.” They use it right before sleep and in the winters, they use it first thing in the morning. As a Chi Gong practitioner he feels a chi transmission when he uses the sauna. He loves it He feels it is important for anyone who does energy work such as acupuncture or Reiki to use the sauna after seeing a client to clear the negative energy by using it about five minutes between clients. He finds that it clears the etheric field and melts it away quick. He likes it better than using sage or copal. He finds that using the lamp and the sauna in his practice in more innovative ways to be enjoyable and highly effective. “That's the fun part. Utilize your tools efficiently and they pay themselves off.” In his practice, he covers the chair in the sauna with a towel, which he replaces for each client and turns the sauna on for five minutes in between clients because it cleans itself that way. He says that the ions generated in the sauna and it’s silver lining both contribute to killing germs and has never had a problem in that regard. They’ve never had a odor problem using it in their practice. He and Laura both feel that the sauna is particularly useful for women who stand in high heels all day. Using it before bed, especially because the feet are close to the radiators, increases circulation in the feet and relaxes them into their normal position. He has seen a lot of his clients, who wear high heals, develop blockages in their feet from their feet being in a unnatural position for an extended period of time. They have had clients come to their offices to address the problems developing in their feet. They specialize in sports injuries, such as broken bones, and by using the sauna and the lamp, they see the swelling reduced to about half. They also send them home with the table lamp. He also likes that it is portable so he can take it with him when he goes skiing. His friends love having it around because they fall here and there and it's very cold and the sauna relaxes their muscles and reduces their aches and pains so much that they can go back and go skiing again the next day. Phil commented that he is amazed that people who have $4000 to $8000 wooden saunas in their homes, buy the Relax sauna and use that instead because it only takes 10 seconds to heat up. He also commented that, at an expo, a marathon runner tried the sauna after running her marathon and was so impressed that she was dragging people in from the hallway to try it out. Tashi says that when he helped Phil at his booth many people, who tried it after being exhausted from being in seminars all day, exclaimed how they “had their day back!” They used the sauna with their clothes on for a short time. He likes that, because the sauna can be zipped up, when people use it in his practice they can remove their clothes in complete privacy so their clothes do not get wet. They are then given towels to dry off with inside the sauna so that they can put their clothes back on when they are dried off. Circulation is a serious problem in America these days and people like using the small table lamp at home for this reason. Tahsi and Laura love lymphatic and circulation work and want to help as many people as they can and love that the Ski Eye lamp and the Relax sauna makes their work so much more effective and that it was so affordable. He commented frequently that he thinks they are both amazing!