Ear Care Gold Dog Ear Infections (Available in 2oz and 4oz)

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Primarily for ear infections or Allergic Otitis due to parasites, food allergies, drug reactions and foreign bodies in the ear

Ear Care Gold Dog Ear Infections

Canine Ear Care Gold - ear infection support for dogs
Features of Ear Care Gold:
  • Soothes itching and irritation
  • Helps with bad ear odor
  • Encourages natural immunity
  • Can help prevent recurring ear problems
  • Restores calm and comfort once irritation subsides
Order Ear Care Gold today. It's the natural solution to keeping your dog's ears comfortable and healthy. 90 Day money-back guarantee 1 Bottle = 2 oz (59ml)
  • For best results, use Ear Clean Gold prior to using Ear Care Gold. This ensures that the active ingredients in Ear Care Gold can penetrate the skin and go to work.