Cuticle Butter Cream - Deeply Nourishes Skin and Strengthen nails

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Healthy Cuticles – Healthy cuticles make healthy hands and nails. Our cuticle cream massages and softens your cuticles, allowing you to gently push your cuticles back without causing damage
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free – We support animal-friendly values and the vegan lifestyle. We love our furry friends and vow to never test our products on them.
  • Hydrates Skin –While providing pain relief from dry, brittle nails and cuticles. Our cuticle cream increases the moisture content of your skin and stays locked in
  • For All Skin Types – Cuticle cream that is perfect for all skin types. Soft touch cuticle buttercream takes care and repairs your fingernails and keeps your hands normally excellent.
  • Be Your Own Manicurist – Save yourself a trip to the manicurist! keep your cuticle massaged and solid in the solace of your own home and for a small amount of the expenseGet spa-like shiny nails while traveling! Keep this cuticle moisturizer handy for a quick manicure massage anywhere, anytime. This hand and cuticle saver help to smooth and restore dry, cracked and chapped skin. Formulated with Virgin Coconut Oil, which is rich in Vitamins A, C, and E and provides nutrients that keep hands and cuticles protected.

    A Superior Cream-Based Formula
    When it comes to cuticle conditioners, Karma’s unique cream-based formula is in a class of its own. Our cuticle creams are a perfect cuticle care product and a great option for natural nail treatment.

    Highly Effective
    This advanced, mineral-rich formulation outperforms oil-based cuticle conditioners through its sophisticated concentration and progressive ability to penetrate deep into the cuticle. Our cuticle cream can be used every day or as essential to making sure your hands and nails are healthy and beautiful the way you want them to be.


    Stain-Free Formula
    Cream-Base Won't Run
    Certified Organic Ingredients
    No Coloring Agents

    Healthy Cuticle Support
    It effectively delivers nutrients to the cuticles where it is required most, resulting in a healthy, nourished nail bed. Karma soft touch cuticle butter cream helps to nourish, hydrate and repair dry splitting cuticles. Use daily to restore radiant smooth cuticles.

    Avoids Hangnails
    A hangnail is a small, torn piece of skin next to your fingertip It is often painful and can be easily infected. With the proper and regular use of a cuticle cream, you can prevent them from forming. It's time to say goodbye to hangnails and hello to beautiful, healthy looking nails.

    Natural and Safe Ingredients
    This formula is saturated with antioxidants, minerals & superior ingredients that nourish, restore and promote growth.