Cascara Sagrada (100 vegi tabs)

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Cascara sagrada literally means sacred bark. And if you have trouble taking out the trash, you’re happy to feel its sacred power wash over you. Used by cultures around the world to support waste elimination, this natural herbal laxative influences intestinal contraction and supports a clean, healthy colon.   
  • Supports the intestinal system
  • Acts as a natural, herbal laxative
  • Influences intestinal contraction to help with elimination

Why Our Cascara Sagrada? 

We work with experienced cultivators who have harvested cascara sagrada by hand for generations. Wildcrafted and sustainably sourced in the Pacific northwest, our cascara is harvested each year from mid-May to August from trees between 10-20 years old. After harvest, the fresh cascara bark is ground into 3–4-inch sections and then kiln-dried to age before being ground again.  Cascara trees flourish along coastal regions between British Columbia and northern California. In fact, cascara trees naturally fill in logged off areas after timber companies cut down forests. The timber companies often replant with conifers, but Mother Nature does her own replanting with cascara to reestablish a more natural biodiversity as the forest regrows.