Arabica Dark Roast Coffee 340g

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-TRUE ANTIGUA GUATEMALA COFFEE -PREMIUM ARABICA DARK ROAST -ONE OF ONLY 34 FARMS CERTIFIED FOR ANTIGUA COFFEE -SHADE GROWN IN VOLCANIC SOIL -SINGLE ORIGIN, SINGLE FAMILY OWNED -WHOLE BEAN, AUSTIN ROASTED -FLAVOR PROFILE The chocolatey overtones and bright and fruity notes are full-bodied, but never bitter. The mouth feel as it flows over the tongue is both buttery and smooth (even before you add butter!) SOURCE With all of the choices for coffee you might ask, “What makes Onnit’s Antigua Coffee so special?” Great coffee is not just about the bean, it’s about everything put into it from the land it’s grown on and the people who take care of it. Having sampled coffee from the best regions in the world, we believe that this is simply the best dark roast coffee out there. One of the reasons for this is that our Arabica is grown in the ideal conditions of the world-renowned Antigua Guatemala. There are dozens of varieties of coffee, but the two most common are Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is a hearty plant that is much easier to grow, but has a harsher taste and higher amounts of caffeine. Arabica beans require much more finesse to grow because the plants are highly susceptible to environmental changes, which is why for good Arabica, it’s vital to have growers that love and care deeply for their trees. The high elevation of 1400 meters and above, along with the volcanic soil, perfect timing of rainfall, and centuries-old practice of shade growing results in some of the world’s finest raw coffee bean specimens. These ‘green’ coffee beans are washed using pure spring water right at the farm, Finca San Miguel Urias, and then sun-dried. The coffee beans are shipped directly to Kuxtal Coffee and Tea in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, where it is craft-roasted by hand. This all comes together to produce an exceptionally clean cup loaded with flavors of the land from which it comes. Antigua grown, Texas roasted. Enjoy! OUR PARTNER Kuxtal Coffee and Tea was Co-Founded by family members of the owners of Finca San Miguel Urias, from Antigua Guatemala. The farm has been in the family since the late 1800’s and is one of only 34 farms that is certified as true Antigua coffee by the ACAP (Antigua Coffee Producers Association). In order to become certified by the ACAP, the farm must lie within certain geographical boundaries of Antigua. Kuxtal Coffee and Tea imports the beans directly and oversees the roasting process right here in Austin, TX before being driven across town to their home at Onnit headquarters. CONTENTS AND PURITY Caffeine: 1.37% Chlorogenic Acid: 1.1% Chlorogenic acid is one of the most beneficial compounds found naturally occurring in coffee. It’s a polyphenol, so chlorogenic acid is responsible for most of the antioxidant benefits you get from coffee. It helps fight free radicals and may help maintain blood pressure levels already in the normal range. A study done on dark roast and light roast coffee found that that dark roast coffee more effectively improved the antioxidant status of red blood cells even though dark roast coffee typically has less chlorogenic acid than light roast coffee. [source] Purity: This coffee has been tested to be below detectable thresholds for both mold and mycotoxins.